#Angel/Demon# which one is you?

Merry Christmas!

As the year comes to an end, we are often busy preparing annual reports for our bosses and work partners. But have you also prepared one for yourself?


Looking back on the year, which one is more like you, the angel or the demon? Or are you sometimes one and sometimes the other? Are you an angel in front of strangers, but a demon to those who love you, a sort of test for the ones you care about the most, since you know they will always be there for you?

Linennaive hereby presents the last offering of the year, under the theme "Angels & Demons", to address the relationship between people and the world. Which one is the real you?

 (Photo by @brenandpip Featuring Linennaive's Agarwood & Lost Queen Dress)

Angels are beautiful, but those days where nothing goes right might actually be more true to life. Sometimes we choose to be gentle like angels, and sometimes we choose to confront.

(Photo by @anna_shishmanov Featuring Linennaive's Rosemary Dress)

“My angels and devilsf fear and hopes, loves and loathings, are what they are.”The angel or the demon - which one you are going to play, who you are going to face, and who you are to become are all up to you.

 (Photo by @velga_north Featuring Linennaive's VETIVER Dress)

Every girl has two sides, an angel and a demon - between showing and hiding, you will come to face yourself and accept yourself. Your soul is the true manifestation of the meaning of your existence.


# Limited Theme Design
Dark Academia VS Victorian Style

While continuing the Victorian historical style, we added some Dark Academia aesthetics for the first time, to jointly create this capsule.


We combined the joyous atmosphere of Christmas with the romance of the Victorian period, to create an exquisite set of retro items. These feature large areas of cloud coloring, red gift straps and angel wings. Examples include the elegant Ylang 18, the Lily-of-the-Valley with bow tie, Anne with an E 's Anne top, and the Tea Dance skirt that is ideal for a dance party.


Think vintage tweed coats, checkered blazers, dark photos, and old leather bags full of stacks of books. Yes, dark academia! The dark palette of black, dark brown, forest green, burgundy and other neutral colors contrasts sharply with the cream, blue and pink. We used this set of images to create the "demon" works, such as the brown plaid Spicy Day, check skirt Guaiac wood, Burgundy Outlander, forest green anis, brown cocktail skirt. This simple combination creates a genuine festival atmosphere.


Exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious hand-made designs will decorate both your external appearance and your inner soul, highlighting the light and dark sides of your nature. Accept yourself and reap a new image for the New Year.

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