History, Future and My Name ——The Linennaive AW Trilogy 2022

 “What is the Linennaive story for this season?”

"When we look up at the endless universe, we find it is always black, whether during the daytime or at night. As we look deep into ourselves, a light breaks inside us, telling us that nothing can stop us from loving our land, our history and our future."

For the autumn and winter series in 2022, Linennaive will compose a complete volume in three chapters, traveling from early autumn to late winter,:
(1) Palace of history
(2) Kingdom of future
(3) My name & My land
These will embody the brand's interest in history and the exploration of the human spirit. Our growing curiosity will hence be rewarded in linen and woolen fabrics.


(1) Palace of history | Romance embraced with strength


In the first chapter of the story, the brand will open up like the wings of the rose fairy, continuing Linennaive's interest in Victorian crafts and aesthetics. "The designs of this theme present romance combined with strength, making women become their true real selves," said Fengcai.

The team used colors and patterns drawn from the oil paintings of this era, based on rose clusters and meadow sweets, while imitating falling petals with slightly exaggerated stringy selvedges. Thus, the oil paintings of the great masters are worked into the outlines of a contemporary vest. What people will ultimately wear is a skirt based on a poetic painting.


  • Corsets: with rich Victorian oil painting styles, this garment presents a sense of decoration with hand-made pleats.
  • Ribbons: for long wide belts and thin strings, there will always be a long ribbon at the end, tied into a bow.
  • Restraint: we express freedom and softness through our outlines. This creativity based on traditional fabrics turns each work into a unique experience that balances tradition with modernity.


(2) Kingdom of the future| Academic style with bold adventures 

In the second chapter of the story, the brand moves on from the palace style dark academy, more intellectual aesthetics. Brave explorers sail the seas, while scholars seeking knowledge study the starry skies. The light in our hearts eliminates our fear of the unknown.

 Influenced by movies and visual aesthetics from this aesthetics in recent years, the brand chose warm brown, thick cream and charcoal black colors with deep textures. Here, LNNV is trying to express "courage". We use Chinese hemp grown in the temperate zones of the country combined with European linen to create products with a modern flavor and fantastic colors.

  • Cape: this futuristic cape is made of 100% cashmere and wool, inlaid with metal buttons, representing the great sailing age.
  • Windbreaker: the stiff yet smooth Chinese flax matches with the texture of the lining, exuding a classical yet modern style. My decorations are hidden in the shoulder badge.
  • Apron and blouses: the apron and shirt designed in an academic style create a dialogue with the Edwardian linen blouse.



(3) My name & My land  | The coat warms up and I am who I am

The autumn story ends in the colors of nostalgia. I am hiding my love in the cashmere skirt to meet you. 
The third chapter uses soft warm fabrics to form a collection of woolen overcoats. The soft wool creates sculpted volume, reflecting a beautiful Victorian style in every detail, telling of our love for traditional crafts and attention to detail.

If the first and second chapters are about contemporary women's interest in history, exploration of the future and the spiritual world, then the third chapter is about self reflection. I am living in the present, and experience my life and dreams within the self. Through this multi-level interpretation of the dress coat, cloak coat and double breasted coat, the brand brings a romantic filter to modern outer garments.

We will fully describe the implementation of our design ideas in the following stories.

The autumn & winter trilogy 2022 is our exploration of time and space, a dialogue between romantic history and a brave fantasy future. Let us set out and enter this world of beauty and illusion.



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