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Osmanthus Dress
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Osmanthus Dress
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#1 Bring historical inspiration
into your modern wardrobe.

#2 Discover the Journey of 100% Linen and Sustainable Fabrics of the Future.

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Luxury linen, dreamy prints and French lace details continue to reign in Linennaive's 24 vocation collection.

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Looking and feeling graceful, at any age, with Linennaive's high quality linen dresses.


maxi and midi choices. Sustainable linen and wool skirts keep you classy, cozy and most importantly, outside.


The perfect coat is less of a choice and more like a second skin. Made for a super comfortable future.


The retro blouses and limited edition that you can only find here.

Curvy Picks

Different body shapes, same comfort and classy.

Almost Gone

Enjoy 10%-40% Off

Our Material

Introducing Our Exclusive Fabric —— Oilpa™ Linen

When we found that the yarns and fabrics available on the market could not meet our needs, we just invented our own. We have developed a new yarn-dyed fabric,named Oilpa™(Oil Painting + Yarn Dyed (Oilpa™, get it?)

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I cannot tell you how often I wear this jacket and how much I love it. It’s literally perfect and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.

Anna Daugherty

I have been waiting years to buy this coat. I ended up buying one size larger (L instead of M) because I was worried about my bust not fitting properly but I didn't need to. Even though it's loose and reaches my ankles (I'm 5ft 2") it still works perfectly. It's not as thick as I thought it would be but the bigger size allows me to bulk up underneath (most importantly in the arms for thick sweaters). I am 38B bra size and size 9 for pants US for reference. The pockets feel a little hard to reach because they are on the very edge of your side and not near your front waist but it's not a huge issue. I am absolutely obsessed, I wore it to the snow with a thin dress a thick sweater and fuzzy leggings underneath. It got slightly damp on top but I still felt warm. It's absolutely stunning and makes me feel so beautiful.

Emily Jacobo

This dress is so beautiful. I love the fabric. I'm planning on layering it with a corset for my renissance festival outfit.


I am slowly increasing my collection of linen clothing. I have purchased multiple dresses here at this point and have been delighted with each one. They are well made and accurately described as maxi dresses with full skirts that are full length. On top of that they have real usable pockets. I can carry my basic essentials with me without having to carry an extra bag. Even my phone fits and doesn't ruin the lines of the skirt. Comfortable, beautiful and practical for daily wear. I will be purchasing more in the future for myself and possibly as gifts for some of my family who've been dropping strong hints.

Los Angeles, CA

I absolutely love this skirt! The quality of the linen is fantastic, and the craftsmanship is so beautiful! I also fits perfectly, which is so satisfying to find when buying from an online shop.