Our Materials

Be honest to our body

We don’t have to tell you what you need, you know your body.
Our faith in choosing fabric is so simple: be honest to the body.
Comfort and quality come first.

For this purpose, we’ve developed fabrics suitable for different seasons, regions and climates and healthy to the body of customers.
As women who value our own comfort and health, we’re here to do what we do best – get it done right.


Our Fabric Map

  • Italian Linen

The “12 Two-hour slow life” linen developed by us comes from Italy, mainly in such places as Turin, Venice and Naples. All the time, Italian flax has been supplied to the European royal family as a limited edition and been a symbol of top quality in the international textile industry. It features an excellent dyeing technique and a good drape effect and is friendly to skin that sweats easily. Inspired by the colors of renaissance, our designers apply a lot of the unique dyeing of Italian flax to roll out dyed flax based on the theme of “12 Two-hour Periods”. You are provided with flax with the strength of time as the natural flax and artistic colors are integrated.



  • French Linen

Our “Mother Earth” series of linen is sourced from France. France is home to one of the world’s most unique growth environments for linen, and its farms are mainly concentrated in the northern region of Normandy. Normandy hosts a temperate marine climate and an even distribution of annual rainfall, along with steady seasonal rises in temperature from March to September. As a result, French linen is tough and highly breathable, and expands significantly and quickly after absorbing moisture. Our selection is centered around undyed natural “rain-dew” linen, washed using advanced technologies and providing the wearer’s skin with the best possible experience. This linen is truly a great gift from nature, and is very suitable for customers with sensitive skin.


  • Chinese Silky Linen

More than 2,100 years ago, Chinese people held annual ceremonies to wash their linen within 20 days after the Summer Solstice, making the fabric as soft as silk. This “Silk Nation” learned early in its history to apply silk production methods to flax textiles. After careful research, we have selected a type of linen that grows in subtropical monsoon climates, producing a type of linen characterized by delicate warp and weft—the “Silk Road”  linen series.

40*60 Threads: Thick & Coarse; 100*100 Threads: Smooth & Soft. The 100*100 Threads linen we use is as comfortable as silk and as stiff and smooth as flax, while retaining the lightness, transparency, and ethereal qualities of silk.