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Our Story 

We believe that comfortable and well considered designs improve our life.

My Cloth – My Comfort. Clothes are not about brand, cut, pattern or color combination, clothes are about feelings. I always tell that clothes we wear have to have only a positive impact on us and our psychical experience while wearing them is very important.

Our followers always know our principle of design and quality control: "Real Comfort - Real You." Yes, that is so simple, but also really hard to do. We get started with our team members and understand from first hand experience how much love and energy is required to make a business like this, in industry like ours work. It can be soul-destroyingly cut-throat and the competition is fierce. Intensely fierce. Because of this, I have a great deal of admiration for the small, independent designers who are driven more by passion, than profit and follow a path that allows them to truly express their creativity and what they love. Now, At least I am brave to say, our brand Linennaive are what, in my view, makes my designs so very special.

We learned so much about linen and cashmere. A well-made cloth is significantly more durable, feels better against your skin, and most important gets softer and more beautiful with each wear. With all respect for the people we work with, relationships and our company culture, we run our company according to fair trade principles, pay honest wages and appreciate our specialist truly. We pay the linen farms and nomadic herders 50% more than traditional traders.We make everything ourselves (no middlemen). You pay 50% less. Fair for them, fair to us, fair to you. It's that simple.

Want to know about Linennaive family? yes please follow our instagram @linennaive. You will find our members who make your clothes, our supplier who bring those linen that can grow on your body, as well as many posts shared by our happy customers.

Real Comfort, Real You.
Thank You