Introducing Our Exclusive Fabric —— Oilpa™ Linen

Comfort is the most important. Many people ask us why the fabric color looks different this time. What fabrics have we adopted for the early autumn series? Now we’ll answer the questions one by one.


Linennaive has been exploring this year how to combine the luster and color of oil painting with textile technology in order to produce a type of high-grade linen as artistic and comfortable as oil paintings.

When we found that the yarns and fabrics available on the market could not meet our needs, we just invented our own. For this autumn and winter, we have developed a new yarn-dyed fabric, named Oilpa™(Oil Painting + Yarn Dyed (Oilpa™, get it?)

As the name implies, the fabric has special highlights including the oil painting texture formed in the dyeing process and the yarn dying technique adopted in the weaving process.



1. What’s yarn-dyed linen? What’s our practice?

Traditionally, linen is woven first and then dyed. So, a piece of fabric must be monochrome. In contrast, we dye the yarn first and then weave it into cloth. So, our yarn-dyed linen has a rich combination of colors.

In this new series, the greenery of Linennaive is a mixture of malachite green and olive green woven together in warp and weft. Caramel is mixture of cocoa and burnt orange. Grey is a mixture of four grey types including charcoal grey, medium grey, smoke grey and oyster grey.

Compared with cloth-dyed by the conventional method, the yarn-dyed fabric has a 3D color. Seen from different angles and in different lights, it shows slight changes.


2. Why did we develop yarn-dyed technology?

The weaving technique of Oilpa™, which is dyed first and then woven, can better blend the dyes and yarns together. Therefore, the linen boasts higher color fastness. Yarn-dyed clothing does not fade when washed and worn in a normal way. A yarn-dyed linen skirt can last for a longer time. Like an excellent oil painting, it is worth us collecting.

A yarn-dyed fabric is much more expensive than a fabric dyed by the conventional method because the process of yarn dying requires much more manpower and time. At present, yarn-dyed linen fabrics are very scarce in the fashion industry. We cooperate with a fabric factory in Jiangsu to make the price of our new fabric as fair as possible while keeping profitability under control. We hope it will become available to more people.


Comfort First, Material Better, Classy Always
Linennaive is looking forward to your feedback on our new fabric.


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