How to Give One Dress 1001 Answers?

What is new fashion? And what is old fashion?

A linen Agarwood one-piece, featuring gray and brown checks and two rows of buttons.
I could turn this into mom’s favorite dress,
Make her the coolest girl in the street.
Or I could go full Jane Austen!
But, when all's said and done, I still prefer the me of 2022.
Old or new, I'll always be me!

Linennaive has invited our friends and style icons to show their answers. Let’s give one dress 1001 different answers.

By @emmifera; Based in Portugal. Wandering through nature with feminine style.


By @briesoldo; Based in Gelgium. Vintage&Sustainable fashion advocate.

By @brenandpip; Identical Twins. Victorian-historical-whimsical

By @helena.moore;  Life and style of an artist in Michigan.

By @_irina__lazareva_; Based in Russia, Vintage lover, sewing enthusiast. 

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