Looking for a Good Blouse: Linennaive's New Attempt in 2022

There is a saying in Looking at the Old Photos, a collection of proses: A person’s lifetime memory is that of nothing but a few clothes, of course, it is not just clothes, but the oneself hidden inside. A good blouse must among one of your clothes accompany you to the end of time. With a year’s preparation, Linennaive’s “Love of Life” series is now launched in homage to the ordinary, classic and serene force in our lives. “It is just the right amount of history bounding and modern chic daily wear”, which is our requirement and original expectation for Linennaive blouse. We can better answer you in our “Tops” to the question on how to combine history with the current trend.


We have two design teams, each performing its design tasks 

Team 1: Blouse Shirts
Team 2: Corset Shirts


1、Historical and modern looks of Blouse Shirt

Blouse became a very popular dominator of women’s wardrobes in the late Victorian period and has always occupied a stable position in the fashion world. From the 1890s onwards, the blouse came into vogue among office ladies. By 1910, the pleated "Gibson Girl" blouse(Antique Edwardian Gibson Girl Style) deepened its popularity.


Today, these blouses with big sleeves and high collars are so cumbersome that they have been replaced by business blouses. But when Linennaive sees duplicates of the blouse on the street and even Runway, we suddenly had a sense of mission, hoping to integrate the romance of history into daily dressing to a nicety. We made various improvements to achieve this goal. For example, the leg-of-mutton sleeve was a popular type in the Victorian period. We make the upper arm less fluffy and the lower arm tighter to highlight the aesthetic spirit of the leg-of-mutton sleeve, so that the blouse could match any suit and pants today. Moreover, in the profile,  princess seams or darting in the waist and/or bust are added to the bucket-shaped blouse to make the wearer looks slimmer.


Of course, modern aesthetics also provides us with a broader methodology. The “Love of Life” series features a set of golden texture tear-shape buttons, differs from traditional cloth buttons. The inspiration comes from the Italian-style men’s suit. The spacing between buttons is divided into two types: nonkissing and kissing nonstacked. The closer the spacing is, the stronger the sense of formality. The metallic texture gives the whole blouse a modern and classic sense.


What makes us more confident is that our supplier in Jiangsu supports our conception. By drawing on the modern technology of men’s high-end shirt fabrics, we made a special linen fabric that is lustrous and feels like silk. A good fabric made of high-quality linen is the basis for the implementation of all fanciful ideas.



2、Historical and modern looks of Corset Blouse 

Corset Blouse is the second key exploration in our series. The corset (or underwear) is a pioneer element in 2022. Well, the attitude will be stronger than blouse. However, our design must make corset blouse less sensual and more practical for daily life so that it fits original occasions well.


To this end, we made a series of changes by reference to the “tube tops” from Song Dynasty of China and the corselet prevalent of Victorian period and launching the corset blouse option. You will see more items in our summer series.

The corset adopts the support of fish bone structure to achieve the contraction of the waist. Linennaive improves the back of the waist without lowering comfort.


The corset blends well with the heart-shaped collar and square collar. While the neckline is highlighted, a feeling of romance is offered as well, making the blouse a good choice for various leisure occasions such as leisure party. The blouse matches various types of bottoms, reveals a special waist design and improves the body proportion. 

Still remember the wish of LN2021 early autumn series? Linennaive’s early autumn series is to bring Victoria’s sophistication to 2021 through professional ability, so that the new and the old will have a dialogue, and a new order will emerge in the conflict. “it is about having a combination of both soft and strong.”

This idea continues in this season.

“It is just the right amount of history bounding and modern chic daily wear”

Exquisite history and stylish modernity meet in the fantasy of LN2022 spring and summer series.

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