Introducing Linennaive ✖ Curvy Line

"My size is 3XL, will this dress fit?"

"Your clothes are graceful, reminding me of the goddesses of Greek mythology, but... I can’t imagine what they would look like on me?"


Every day, we are bombarded with questions like these. We have been thinking for a year about whether to launch Linennaive's Curvy Line. Since there are enough choices for large-size girls on the market, we are pondering what are our differentiated advantages and what problems have we solved. Spending a year trying to figure them out, we finally meet you this summer. So, what is our answer?

  1. Be a goddess in our curvy line.
  2. No longer just elastic fabrics and polyester fibers.
  3. Crafting first. Be honest to our body.

Be a goddess in our curvy line. For far too long, plus-size dresses have been synonymous with baggy, shapeless, and style-less outfits. But goddess like plus-size dresses do exist. If you already have enough oversized T-shirts and jeans, do you like to try more stylized clothes -- fairy-like, comfy classy dresses that are guaranteed to turn heads? They may make you feel like the heroine in the movie, and share your unique personal taste with the world.


It's no longer just elastic fabrics and polyester fibers. Why can’t we choose fabrics freely for large size clothes? At present, the large-size fashion industry widely uses fabrics that contain high proportion of chemical components, which are elastic, give the body some space for stretching, and control costs effectively. But it often cannot compete with natural fabric in terms of comfort, sustainability and sense of quality. We choose all-natural materials such as linen and silk to replace chemical fiber products, so that large-size girls can also enjoy natural comfort. In our wardrobe, we all need a piece of high-quality apparel that can stand the test of time.


Crafting First. Be honest to our body. Usually, as the size increases, we often just use more fabrics. Unfortunately, it is difficult to balance the amount of fabric and a graceful shape. By testing on different body types, designers not only add fabrics, but make structural adjustments to ensure that our clothes can achieve a perfect fit. For the Daisy skirt that you all like, a double layered fixed waist was designed for XS-L, and an elastic waist with 12cm wide smocking on the back was made for XL and larger sizes. 


We have friends and family members in all different sizes. Every time making this curvy series, we feel that they become a part of the line's soul. Thank you for your love and tolerance. Linennaive will continue to create products that can be used in daily life and bring about confidence. We look forward to your feedback.


  • Sherri Barsy

    I am so excited to see your new curvy line. Finding well made, feminine clothing in linen is difficult in plus sizes. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. A few lovely shades of blue, perhaps? I’m sure they will be wonderful.

  • Allsopp Carol

    I love all of these and your beautiful Christmas inspired cloak is magical

  • حوراء

    ارجو التواصل معي

  • Mae

    “Since there are enough choices for large-size girls on the market, we are pondering what are our differentiated advantages and what problems have we solved.” Are we living in the same world?? Where are these enough choices, please send them to me!! That being said, super excited to see your clothes in larger sizes, hopefully photographed with larger sized models so I can get an idea of how your gorgeous clothes will look on my larger body.

  • Alison

    I’m plus size due to a big frame and metabolic syndrome, I’m not curvy so getting clothes to fit by odd shape, thin legs and arms, broad back and thick waist is difficult. I reckon some of these styles would suit me.

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