July in White - Like A Classic Poem about Rebirth

It's already July, and “keeping cool” has become the main indicator of comfort in clothes. What is the most suitable fabric for summer? Linen, most certainly.

Linennaive thinks that the most "magical" color of July is white, like creating soft and classic poems for rebirth and love everytime we put it on.


The sisters @s.nova.vintage and @lira_karina, who grew up in Ukraine and love vintage fashion, picked our Jasmine linen dress for this shot. The pictures of them are like clips from a classic movie. The two sisters are intimate and unique. They share secrets and admire each other's beauty. Oh! It reminds of the movie The Double Life of Véronique. "Do you think there will be another person who is exactly like you, and we are not alone in this world?"

@S.nova.vintage @lira_karina, Ukraine
Dress: @Linennaive Jasmine 23
Photo by: @alena.tim.ph


In addition to the Jasmine dress, the singer @nadiiife from Germany creates a vision of a magical epic movie with Blossom 14. This dress has a nifty black little bow, which will become the center of attention. A buyer commented that this costume reminded him/her of the West African myth: "In the midst of slaying fear after fear the Aziza fairy holds a craving of love so dear. Fairies can battle and still seek a soft touch, for Aziza fairies it is rough..." Is it interesting and magical?

(@Nadiiife, Germany)
Dress: @Linennaive Blossom 14.
Photo by: @natalia_lefay


@Hellomissjordan from the UK chooses a more routine poppy skirt and magnolia top set. There are many puff sleeve tops and overskirts in spring and summer series this year, coupled with the iconic handmade pleats and short linen tops, which are in fashion.

(@Hellomissjordan UK)
Clothing: @Linennaive Magnolia 13 top & Poppy 23 Skirt


Our old friend, @gretchenmgreer lives in France and has an enviable backyard shed. Through her pictures, I can almost smell the fragrance of flowers.

(@gretchenmgreer France)
Dress: @Linennaive Blossom 14.


Is white just white? No, there are many kinds of white.
Linennaive dyed white can be divided into neutral tones and warm tones.

Poppy skirt suit and Blossom Dress represent warm white tones, which are like milk foam on coffee. They are bright, healthy and friendly.
Jasmine Dress represents a pure white neutral tone, which feels like moonlight. It is translucent, light and cool.

White is really suitable for summer! The uncomplicated yet beautiful "all white" outfit can be arranged!

 Choose a white dress that suits you according to different styles!



Linennaive is a young brand dedicated to exploring a better lifestyle with linen.
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