Why we design the Flat White collection?


We are always asked about what “environmental-friendly” and “sustainability” is. Many of us may claim that is too abstract a word. Recently we notice something may be changing. Just like a small example in Shenzhen where LNNV is based, having coffee with your personal cup has become a “fashionable” behavior among the “Z-Generation”.

They may paint their cups with individualized designs to demonstrate their attitude. It's cool to bring your own cup. When we combine environmental-friendly deeds/ habits with fashion and cool styles, we find that people will embrace it easier than keeping educating them of the word “sustainability”. 


Inspired by coffee and city culture, LNNV launched this Flat White Collection.
Compared with other variants of coffee, Flat white is young boy, but full of rich aroma. The small and fine bubbles created by milk frothing are so smooth as velvet. After appreciating the double shoot espresso and the attractive luster that the 0.5cm milk foam brought, we fell in love with this warm and vibrant color in spring.

That’s why we could design the color plates of this series---milk foam, thick-coffee, and caramel, plus a touch of spring snow and bare earth tones.


With a cup of Flat White, we can not only inherit Italy’s unique and charming tradition but also experience the modern taste improved by highlighting the characters of Australians after the World War II. We hope this series, like Flat White, pay an aesthetic tribute to the “Neoclassical Period” (1789~1825) from the late 18th century to the early 19th century.

Every single piece of apparel is designed with exquisite details and colors which reflects ideal beauty of ancient Greece. In terms of modeling, we give priority to the ideal of comfort, be honest to your body——reduce the bustles, the design tends to be natural and soft, so the cumbersome decoration of uncomfortable body disappears.


In the selection of materials, more than 95% fabrics of this series is sustainable.(Yes, it is still a very long way to achieve 100%).

Spiced Rose 11 and Hannah 28 use100% linen;
Fairy Rose combines linen and real silk;
Regent Street 21 is made of French dew retting linen.
Library 23 is 100% linen with satin ribbons. The bowknots contain some artificial fabrics.
My fair lady is made of pure wool, the lining of which is Viscose.


OK, now, please allow me to bring you the Flat White in the upcoming spring. Discover more new arrivals >>>




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