Period Dramas & Urban Films ? Make Ourselves A Movie This Winter!

We reviewed the film The Dressmaker(2015) a few days ago. Tinny, dressed in a neatly cut coat, exudes feminine charm allover. This shot has deeply rooted in our memory.

Do you still remember the names of Linennaive's coats? Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady, Little Women, Casablanca... Yes, Linennaive always draws creative inspirations from the old films and old paintings, and combines classical and modern to create classical beauty of the new era. Are you fascinated with those classical coats of heroines? If so, let us look for them with Linennaive.

 【Image on top: from film“ The Dressmaker"; Image on bottom: Linennaive's Fair Lady Coat

 【Image on top: from film“ The Age of Adaline"; Image on bottom: Linennaive's Casablanca Coat

Do you still remember Audrey Hepburn's red coat in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? if you want a red one in your wardrobe, you may wish to get one this winter. The flaming red will make you feel warm. Rather than bright and flamboyant red, a low-key burgundy or crimson dress would be a perfect accompany for your upcoming Christmas holiday.

 Image on the left: From Film“Breakfast at Tiffany’s''; Image on the right: Linennaive's Roman Holiday Coat

The heroine in the film also prefers the lapel and slender version, which is indeed more suitable for important occasions like business meetings. With a matching small handbag, this dress makes you full sense of elitism.

 【Image on top: from film ''Coco avant Chanel''; Image on bottom: Linennaive's Little Women Coat

We often see cream coats in the movies, but it is hard for us to find one in reality. Linennaive launched such cream coats with tight-waist design. You will definitely get hooked on it.


If you are a fan of British dramas, a checkered coat in autumn and winter is necessary. Linennaive introduced Victoria coats inspired by the Victorian Era style, as well as Scottish style dresses made by Tartan. Want to give it a go?

As Christmas is around the corner, more seasonal products will be launched soon. Stay tuned dear! :)

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