Recreating Classic Styles: Linennaive's New Elizabethan Era Inspired Designs in 2023AW collection

Elizabeth's Inspiration

Linennaive wanted to create a totally vintage looking autumn dress, but as we always know, lt's never easy to recreate a classic.

At the end of the 16th century under the reign of Elizabeth 1, ever-expanding dimensionality for women. These fanciful styles signaled power, class, and currency. Gowns were often adorned with intricate embroidery and embellishments. ——the woman’s silhouette became increasingly exaggerated—and rigid. We all know these wired collars, hoop skirts or farthingales aren’t always comfortable, even though they're so gorgeous.
We conducted thorough historical research, and the film "Elizabeth" also served as an inspiration for us.
Now, boasting diagonal pleats, lace, and no hard boning, our modified version of the Elizabethan style dress is here.

Quality Fabrics
100% Yarn Dyed Linen

It's always fun to experiment with combining a beloved Elizabethan-inspired dress with all- natural fabrics that are comfortable and breathable enough for fall, just right for the breezy season.

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