New Collection - The Garden of the Gods

It reminds me of the gods in greek mythology.”, One of your messages made me smile.

What is summer? A poster of 《The Durrells》 struck me.
The family is in the sea, and a table is set up with tableware and food on it. The background is blue sky, white clouds and the endless sea. The family are all facing the camera.



Summer is about unfettered freedom and romance. Summer is about the blue sea and blazing sun, linen clothes and straw hats. This is the summer of 1935.

Linennaive's new series, with the vision of 1935, comes to Corfu in 2021.


Leaving aside the content of the story itself, I was moved by the beautiful vision in this TV series, with the sunshine, the sea, and the forest filling the eyes, the animals shuttling among the green leaves, as well as the omnipresent smell of plants and fruits.

Our design team studied this lovely play and also extracted inspirational elements based on Gerald nurrell’s The Corfu Trilogy
Listen to the names of these books My family and other animals》、 《Birds, Beasts and Relatives》、 《The Garden of the Gods》. Did they remind you of dreams and childhood?
The Garden of the Gods. It is exactly the theme we want to express.


There may not be the most beautiful flowers in the Garden of the Gods, but there must be the curiosity we want to inspire.

Wisteria 23 is a fairy's pajamas.

Babyblue's YLANG 18 is the clean sky after the rain.

The LA LUNA 11 is lover's date at dusk.

The BabyBreath 3 is the glittering fireflies.

The dense flower pattern Summer Academy is the subtle and intangible sound of the piano upstairs.


In the ENCENS 11 corset top, we focused on the estern textile craftsmanship.
During China's Ming Dynasty, people produced satin silk with excellent silks. Nearly a hundred years later, Japan sent artisans to France and introduced jacquard fabrics (textiles with interlaced warp and weft threads), realizing a modern transformation.
Today, our hand-made craftsmanship incorporates some elegant patterns, combining silk and linen through jacquard. We hope this vintage corset will let you see the power of tradition.


As you grow older, the exciting and uplifting things are fewer and fewer in the life. This design process reminds us that we had so much to say to the world when we were teenagers.

We turned these curiosities into works in The Garden of the Gods collection. We felt rewarded for making every product.


This is the start of  our 2021 summer vacation.
Walking, relaxing and daydreaming, we are in the long-awaited destination.

Discover more!

Thank you

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    Hi we are a wholesaler and retailer from Germany for organic textiles we are looking forward for linen production partners, please contact our design:

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