Walking the Streets of Paris in Our New Woolen Coats

When fashion meets movies, sparks of inspiration ignite. Our 2023 Autumn/Winter Collection coats draw inspiration from the fashion-forward streets of Paris, offering you an unparalleled fashion experience.

PART ONE: Timeless Coats.

Inspired by Paris Street Style


We delved into the latest trends in the Parisian fashion scene and traced the unforgettable costumes from classic films.
Based on this research, our designers meticulously crafted every detail of these unique coats. Whether it's an elegant and timeless double-breasted coat or a vibrant color, our coats merge the essence of fashion and film.



Upcycled Italian Tweed Fabric

Tweed represents the classic British dress code, the golden age of memories, and a nostalgic, environmentally friendly life.
Our new coats are crafted with upcycled tweed fabric, showcasing luxury in a quiet manner. This high-quality woolen fabric not only provides exceptional warmth but also epitomizes sustainable fashion.


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  • Lise

    Where are you located please (where do you make the clothes, and where do you ship from)? I am interested in purchasing, but I need a country of origin.
    Thank you. Lovely coats and dresses, by the way. Right up my alley

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