Wow, Mom!


My 4-year-old daughter just ruined a milky orange lipstick, one of my favorites. While I was in the kitchen, she opened the drawer and found a printed scarf, and sneaked the lipstick. When I came out of the kitchen, she was wearing sunglasses, lip rouge on face, with the scarf tied to her schoolbag. She showed off to me exaltedly. 

This moment reminded me of myself.
When I was young, whatever my mother had was enviable.

She had comfortable sandals, plain linen suits, and wide-brimmed straw hats that swept the streets in the 1980s. She was my first role model for fashion.

The “NaiveDay” Saloon will kick off this month, and the first one to meet you is “wow, mom”!  We have invited designers, content managers and old friends of Linennaive to talk about ours, yours, artists’ and designers’ fashion abecedarian—Mom!



“It’s funny - if we go shopping together we’ll often end up buying the exact same thing without realizing it, ” ——Friend @gretchenmgreer, a fashion blogger, who has two very cute babies


(Daughter's Outfit: Linennaive Edelweiss 31 flared dress)

My mother has always dressed in a very classic, menswear-inspired way, always trousers and a button-up shirt, with beautiful earrings for a feminine touch. She dressed me in the same way until at age two I told her I only wore dresses. She’s such a tomboy that she was surprised at first, but said it ended up being great fun having a a very feminine daughter!

It’s funny - if we go shopping together we’ll often end up buying the exact same thing without realizing it, and we have to check with each other before going out together because sometimes we’ll put on almost identical outfits, down to the same shoes and earrings. 




“I like to dig out my mother’s retro items used 20 or 30 years ago. I often read the posters popular in those days and copy my mother’s look. Do you think it is very fashionable?” ——Fengcai, Linennaive's designer, who holds a master’s degree from Italy

Recently, I saw a set of shows presented at the Fashion Week held in February this year. Sisters Hadid and their mother Yolanda walked the runway for Off White. They shared the catwalk, showing that inheritance is a great force.

Yolanda Hadid was a popular model of my mother’s generation. Look at an old poster made in 1990. What do you think about it? Today, I am copying my mother’s look. It is classic and fashionable, isn’t it?

 (Yolanda Hadid in 1990s)

I will never forget mother’s expression when she saw the super mini skirt in my wardrobe. She said that it bothered her, but she downplayed it. She didn’t stop me from wearing it. But since that day, every time I design dresses, I would not make a shirt too seductive. The midi dresses, tea dresses, mid-length dresses…, are more comfortable and elegant tailored, so that it well adapts to different body shapes.  



“She always choose the simplest things: wide trousers and short sleeves top. For a formal even such as wedding, she will wear a fitted dress.” ——@lizzybennetpham, a Vietnamese college student majoring in English and American Literature

(Daughter's Outfit: Linennaive Lily 41 white linen dress)

@Linennaive:  Do you think your current fashion taste is also affected by your mother?

@lizzybennetpham: I would say 50-50. I like what she wore when she was about my age: button down shirts, trousers, long dresses and skirts. But I don't like her choice of color, she always goes for bold, bright one 😅



(Daughter's Outfit: Linennaive Vertiver 17 cross back dress)

Friend @griisette, a French model, who likes the magic style and adventure.  She showed Linennaive an old photo from her mom. 

my mother always had a very bohemian look, with a long skirt, linen dresses, lots of jewelry, bracelets, scarves in her hair ..She loves indigo blue (Tuareg) and white and natural materials.

Did she change me? Hmm, I don't know for the vintage side not at all but the bohemian side yes! I wanted her perfume so much where I was so young, which I stole from her in secret (Opium by Yves St. Laurent!)



Mothers’ influence on our fashion attitude has long been rooted in our bodies. When she works in the garden, she always wears the linen skirt that has been worn for many years and has become best-fitting. My first impression of linen comes from my mother’s most comfortable state; my mother tells me that fashion always goes back and forth in cycles. She suggests me buy high-quality clothes because they may work again 10 years later.  

There are all kinds of mothers in the world, but every type of fashion attitude teaches me how to show love.


Finally, I’d like to show you some pictures in which there are “my mother and I”. 

I want to wear similar clothes to your and be your sister.
Picture: Jerry Hall with Georgia May-Jagger


Today you are my model, mom!
Picture: Doutzen Kroes and son Phyllon


My mom always wants a daughter, but I am a boy!
Picture: Kate Hudson and Her Son Ryder


Omg, the arm strength must be good enough!
Picture: Sasha Pivovarova and Mia Isis


When I am shy, my mom always hugs me, smiles and encourages me to look at the camera
Picture: Arizona Muse and Nikko

It’s fun to do shopping with my mom, but she may feel a bit helpless
Picture: Amber Valletta and Auden McCaw


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