Linennaive’s Muses for Valentine’s Day

In the Little Prince the little prince asks: “what is the sense of ceremony?”. The fox answers: “the sense of ceremony makes a certain day different from others, makes a certain moment different from other times.” For 2022 Valentine’s Day, whether you spend it with your lover, have a drink with your friends, or spend a comfortable evening by yourself, you deserve to be loved.

Linennaive has chosen some V-Days picks. A set of red full-bodied but not flamboyant Pride and Prejudice and Tea Dance is very suitable for a dating occasion. The backless Vetiver adds to the romantic atmosphere of the evening, and the light blue Ylang made of various materials will transform you into a princess elf. For further inspiration, check out how our infulencers are using Linennaive’s design for their Valentine’s Day creations.

(Photo by @gossipstyle Featuring Linennaive's La Luna dress)


(Photo by @gossipstyle Featuring Linennaive's Poppy skirt)

(Photo by @gossipstyle Featuring Linennaive's Baby's Breath dress)

(Photo by @longinglittlelady Featuring Linennaive's The Writer's Garden)

(Photo by @xcoliex Featuring Linennaive's Ylang dress)

(Photo by @daryadarcy Featuring Linennaive's Outlander cloak)

(Photo by @hellomissjordan Featuring Linennaive's Poppy skirt & Magnolia top)

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